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I moved from BBC Film to Curtis Brown Group in 2011 to work with Joe Phillips and his list of directors and writers. During this time I also covered a unique list of contemporary novelists and estates including Samuel Beckett and Daphne du Maurier.

In 2013, Sam Greenwood and I began working as a team to build our own list of writers, directors and filmmakers. Our mission was, and still is, to find unique and diverse filmmaking talent we’re passionate about and enable them to build careers in the UK film and television industry, and beyond. We pride ourselves on our hands-on support and promotion of clients and their work, as well as utilising the wide-ranging resources in-house at Curtis Brown including a wealth of literary material and casting and production expertise. 

I work closely with book agents from Conville & Walsh in handling literary rights for a number of their contemporary, prize-winning authors and journalists. I also Co-Chair CBG’s EDI Committee.