MacAskill (Audio &

Joint Head of Original Audio & Podcasts 

I joined Curtis Brown in 2018, after beginning my career in publishing at Ed Victor Ltd., where I was administrative assistant. Having had the fortune to work across various offices for several months and learn about different aspects of the company, I joined Alice Lutyens full-time in 2019 to work with her wonderful list of authors and help build the Original Audio and Podcasts Department.

Like most, my gateway into podcasts was the inimitable Serial, which led to a fascination with True Crime podcasts such as, My Favourite Murder, Teacher’s Pet, Who the Hell is Hamish? and The Missing Crypto-Queen. I am also drawn to long-form narratives with a journalistic edge; shows like Caliphate, Tunnel 29 and The Slow Burn which use the medium to tell compelling stories with such immediacy and intimacy. When I am in need of an escape, I turn to shows such as Gossip Mongers, Something Rhymes with Purple and You Are Dead to Me – shows which can make me laugh or teach me something new. A recent highlight was In Search of Black History with Bonnie Greer which was so insightful and beautifully produced.

In fiction, my tastes are equally eclectic and writers I admire include, Margaret Atwood, Iain Banks, Elena Ferente, Donna Tartt, Hilary Mantel, Zadie Smith, Irvine Welsh, and George R R Martin – to name but a few. At the top of my list, however, would have to be imaginative and exploratory retellings of mythology or folktales – such as Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller or The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter - stories which deconstruct and test the foundations upon which we have built societal norms throughout time.

As if that were not enough, I have found that working across both audio and literature, is constantly informing and expanding my tastes and curiosity. More recently I have found myself drawn to non-fiction as a result of working in podcasts and particularly enjoyed Educated by Tara Westover, I’ll be Gone in Dark by Michelle MacNamara and Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.