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Two Hitlers and a Marilyn

book | Non-Fiction | 2021
UK & Comm → Headline Publishing (Ed. Fiona Crosby)

“My father was a financial advisor and life insurance broker, which meant he advised people on how to bet against their own deaths. He couldn’t technically stop you from dying, but he could help you mitigate against it financially — as long as you didn’t mind being dead when the policy paid out. ‘All I know,’ he’d say, ‘is I get a lot of letters from widows thanking me for the advice I gave their late husbands.’

Set in the 1980s in a Jewish household in suburban London, Pinner to be exact,  Two Hitlers and a Marilyn tells the story of a teenage boy who finds refuge from his dysfunctional family in the obsessive pursuit of autographs. The refuge is from his hysterical family – a Holocaust obsessed father who collects photographs of  synagogues destroyed by the Nazis and a highly strung mother, increasingly isolated.

We follow young Adam’s obsession with hunting down authentic signatures of the greats, from Ronnie Barker to Ray Charles, from Frank Sinatra to Nelson Mandela, and begin to see the darker side to the comedy. We delve deeper into the chaos of his parent’s relationship, the betrayals and secret lives they lived.

Reminiscent of Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, with the wit of David Sedaris and the warmth of David Nicholls, Two Hitlers and a Marilyn is as funny as it is moving. It is also about the lost age of things: faxes, letter writing, autographs, Israeli dancing camps, munchkins, Doris Day and the their replacement with our virtual world.


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