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The Passion Economy

book | Non-Fiction | Jan 2020
US → Knopf (Ed. Jonathan Segal)
UK → John Murray (Ed. Joe Zigmond)

A user’s guide to making it in the 21st century economy looking at the fundamental question of why do some people thrive and others not?

The Passion Economy explains how the economic rules that have governed American life and the global economy for the better part of a century have changed, and how to play and win by the new rules.

Adam Davidson profiles a rich array of people who have figured out how to thrive in an economy that can seem so terrifying and confusing. These everyday heroes tell exciting, relatable stories packed with useful insights that anybody can apply.

This groundbreaking book is a fun read filled with important lessons that will teach readers how to find their unique place in the economy and do well by doing the things they love the most.


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