Adrian Scarborough

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Doctor Who

Role Kahler Jax
Director Saul Metzstein
Production Company BBC Wales
Broadcaster BBC
Adrian guest-starred in the cult BBC sci-fi series, playing alien doctor Kahler Jex.

The Time Lord and his posse land in a town in the Wild West called Mercy. Kahler Jex is the town’s doctor even though he is from another Universe.

The town is controlled by an evil cyborg who is known as the Gunslinger. He is a small town tyrant who kills all who question him or stand in his way and is determined to kill the one remaining doctor on his list. But which Doctor is on the list, the Time Lord or Kahler Jex?

At its heart was the dialogue between The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Adrian Scarborough’s well-brought-to-life Kahler-Jex. Gavin Fuller
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