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The Paris Collaborator

book | Fiction | Jul 2021
ANZ → Bonnier Publishing (Ed. Tegan Morrison)

He’d do anything to save her…even work for the enemy.

August, 1944. In German-occupied Paris, Auguste Duchêne, a former teacher, has stumbled upon an unusual way to survive: he finds missing people. When he’s approached by the French Resistance to locate a missing priest – and a cache of stolen weapons – Duchêne initially refuses. But the Resistance offer him no choice. Within hours, he’s also blackmailed by a powerful Nazi into searching for a German soldier who’s suspected of deserting.

To fail at either task will have deadly consequences for Duchêne – and for his daughter Marienne, who’s engaged to a German airman. 

So begins a frantic race against time. As forces close in on Paris, Duchêne has only 48 hours to locate the missing priest and the missing soldier, or lose the only person he loves …


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