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One Hundred Days

book | Fiction | 2021
ANZ → Black Inc

The powerful story of a young immigrant girl living in the West.

Karuna is pregnant, with no sign of the father, and stuck in a housing commission flat with her angry, frightened, protective single mother. Karuna must fight to form and claim her sense of self, and to keep her baby. One Hundred Days is the period of time Karuna is isolated at home in the public housing apartment she shares with her mother to the baby. In East-Asian (China, Korea, Japan) and Southeast Asian cultures, one hundred days was traditionally the critical period within which a baby might not survive infancy. So when the baby safely reached this milestone, families would hold a Hundred Days party, to celebrate the child’s healthy continuing existence in the world.

One Hundred Days is a celebration of a teenage mother’s resilience. Funny, direct, irreverent and moving, the novel is a dazzling literary and human achievement that takes a closer look at class, gender and ethnicity.


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One Hundred Days is the tale of mothers and daughters the world over – the relationships we navigate, the weight of our histories, and how, no matter the fractures life throws between us, our daughters will always hum us home. Pung’s characters are so real, I could feel them in the room. There is no word out of place, no sentence that doesn’t sing with poetry. This is truly fiction at its fiercest. It is a masterpiece, a triumph – Pung’s greatest work yet.’

Maxine Beneba Clarke

'What is astounding about One Hundred Days is that, while fearlessly honest about the damage family members can inflict on one another, it is also full of forgiveness and harmony and grace. Pung’s discernment and command as a writer is astonishing, elating. I adore this book.' 

Christos Tsiolkas

One Hundred Days is a heartachingly personal story about love, motherhood and the different forms they both take.

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One Hundred Days tells a story about about growing up, telling the difference between love and control, and taking responsibility. I loved the details, they spoke of a whole world. How I admired this young, determined protagonist. One Hundred Days is wonderful, I read it in one sitting.

Sofia Laguna, Miles Franklin award winning author of 'The Eye of the Sheep', 'The Choke'

… at heart, a deeply hopeful novel

Kill Your Darlings
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