Alma Deutscher

Exceptional child composer and musician.
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Born in 2005, Alma Deutscher could name the notes on a piano by the age of two. She was given her first violin for her third birthday, and was playing Handel sonatas within a year. Alma is now a proficient violinist, pianist and composer whose musical gifts glean frequent comparisons with another child prodigy: Mozart.

Alma started improvising when she was four years old and composing when she was five, and in 2012 composed a short opera called The Sweeper of Dreams, which narrowly missed out on making the final of a contest run by the English National Opera to unearth young, talented classical musicians.

Alma has been interviewed by BBC Radio 3 presenter Clemency Burton-Hill at the prestigious Google Zeitgeist Event in London. Alma performed alongside speakers such as Eric Schmidt of Google, Physicist Stephen Hawking and Footballer David Beckham.

Alma's full length opera, Cinderella, will have its world premiere during the Voice of Music Festival in Galilee in July. 


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