His passionate wrestling with Angel, though, is the best I've seen – which is greatly to the credit of Amanda Lawrence, who is brilliantly disconcerting (like a predatory cross between Phyllis Diller and Edith Sitwell) as this creature

Paul Taylor
The Independent on Angels In America

In a variety of supporting roles, Amanda Lawrence [...] is first-rate

Ben Brantley
NY Times on Angels In America

All scenes in which she appears are stolen by the marvellous morpher Amanda Lawrence: it's worth the trip just to see her suctioning up a cake. 

Susannah Clapp
The Guardian on Once in a Lifetime

The manner in which she embodies each of the 50 or so other characters is simply astonishing. Not only does she live the roles, Lawrence sweats, breathes and at times cries them out of her system.

Chris High
The Stage on Jiggery Pokery

There’s a priceless display of comic timing from Amanda Lawrence as Nell’s pain-faced dresser Nancy; it’s without doubt the supporting performance of the year.

Fiona Mountford
Evening Standard on Nell Gwynn