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That's Mental

book | Non-Fiction | Nov 2019
US → Turner Publishing (US) (Ed. Stephanie Beard)

Award-winning Asian-British comedy writer, Amanda Rosenberg presents an intimate memoir of confessional essays about the hilarious, inappropriate, and often, difficult side to being mentally ill. That’s Mental breaks down myths and misconceptions about what it means to be a millennial with mental illness in a darkly funny, but relatable way. In this painfully funny collection, Rosenberg addresses the overlooked and offbeat issues of mental illness, shedding light on topics that are off-limits, uncomfortable, or just downright embarrassing. 

This book details every challenging and awkward stage of Amanda’s journey with mental illness and how she manages what she calls her, “garden variety crazy.” These pages are a look at the everyday realities of mental illness - the particular kind of torture that is finding a good therapist, the challenges of figuring out the elusive correct mix of medications, and the appropriate responses with how to deal with the friend who insists ‘but you don’t look depressed’.

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