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You're the Business!

book | Apr 2021
UK & Comm excluding Canada → Ebury (Ed. Lucy Oates)

The UK’s freelance economy is worth an estimated £275 billion. 15% of our total workforce are freelance, with numbers growing at an historic rate and set to skyrocket post-pandemic. Yet despite these numbers we still associate freelancing with horror stories of precariousness — what if you can’t find any clients? Will you drown under a pile of crumpled receipts trying to file your own taxes?

When Anna Codrea-Rado started freelancing in 2017, she began documenting her experiences and answering these questions in an email newsletter: The Professional Freelancer. Thousands of readers now count on it as a weekly staple for its candid advice. Anna advises the government on freelancer issues, co-hosts a work culture podcast called Is This Working? and last year launched #FairPayForFreelancers, a viral campaign that has sparked a nationwide conversation.

You're the Business! will be a practical guide written by someone with first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities freelancers face. From negotiating rates to saving for taxes and what to do when you get sick, Anna will show that self-employment can be a sustainable and lucrative career path. It will arm readers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to allow them to reach their full potential in their self-employed careers — whatever their industry.


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