Barry Norman (1933-2017) was Britain's most respected and popular film critic. He became famous as the regular presenter of the BBC Film programme, starting in 1972 with Film 72; by the time he left after Film 98 he had become a household name.

He presented many other flagship BBC and ITV documentaries and programmes, including the Today programme and Omnibus. In the late 1970s and 1980s, he wrote and presented four acclaimed series on The Hollywood Greats and one on The British Greats, and the ten-part BBC series Talking Pictures, each of which was backed up by best-selling books.

Barry began his writing career as a journalist on the Kensington News and was Show Business Editor of the Daily Mail until 1971. He contributed over the years to the Guardian as occasional leader writer and Wednesday columnist, to the Observer as sports writer, to The Times as television critic and also as scriptwriter for the cartoon strip Flook on the Daily Mail. He was author of several novels and non-fiction books, including books on film and cricket, his autobiography And Why Not? and See You In The Morningthe memoir of his life with the writer Diana Norman.