Ben Anderson

World politics and current affairs documentary presenter and writer for television.
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Ben Anderson is a journalist who produced, filmed and wrote The Battle for Marjah. He began his career as an undercover reporter; producing exposés on topics as varied as funeral home abuses, violence among prison officers, the abuse of the mentally ill and civil war in Burma. 

A veteran documentarian Ben has presented numerous films and series for the BBC and the Discovery Channel. Highlights include Holidays in the Axis of Evil (secret travels through six countries blacklisted by the U.S. State Department), Taking on the Taliban (following a unit of British soldiers on the front lines in Afghanistan), The Violent Coast (a series about the conflicts along the west coast of Africa), Frontline Football (chronicling four teams from war torn nations as they try and qualify for the World Cup) and Slumdogs and Millionaires (exposing slave labour in Dubai.)

Ben spent four years concentrating on the war in Afghanistan. During this time Ben produced and presented two hard-hitting documentaries: Bravo’s Deadly Mission: Battle for Marjah, for Channel 4/HBO in 2010 and Panorama: The Battle for Bomb Alley, for BBC1 in 2011, which followed US Marines as they struggled to reclaim the district of Sangin. Closer to home, Ben’s insight into the English Defence League for the BBC3 documentary Young British and Angry won critical acclaim for its penetrating examination of the growing numbers of young men joining the EDL.

Over the course of his career, Ben has won a Foreign Press Award and was twice shortlisted for the Royal Television Society Young Journalist of the Year honor and Prix Europa prizes. In addition to writing articles for the Times of London, Esquire, GQ, and other publications. Ben's book about his experiences in the war-torn southern provinces of Afghanistan, No Worse Enemy, was published in March 2012.


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