Benjamin Barfoot

Director for Film and Television

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Benjamin started out making 8mm animation films at the age of ten. Once into his teens it was short films and music videos that eventually landed his first job as an editor and cameraman straight out of college. Within a few years he was shooting, directing and editing episodes for an ITV snowboarding documentary series, Riders and Rich Kids.

Ben went on to become a highly accomplished editor and motion graphics artist within the TV and commercial industry whilst continuing to create his own work. His first short, Signature, was nominated for a broadcast young talent award. Whilst his second short, Fuse, played at Raindance and was nominated for the longform award at Soho Rushes Shorts.

More recently he completed a series of viral comedy shorts with writer / actor Danny Morgan including Where did it all go Ron?, Drive Too and Who is Albert Plum. These films lead on to him being approached by Two Brothers Pictures to help develop a comedy series. Directing and editing a taster episode for The Revengers, starring Ollie Maltman and Daisy Haggard which was commissioned for pilot with channel 4.

He is now developing a feature with Danny Morgan and Stigma Films.




It's Ron Weasley's (Harry Potter) 29th birthday and things have not worked out as well as he imagined.
Crazy Pie Productions
Writer Danny Morgan and Benjamin Barfoot
    Albert Plum. One of the most famous actors you've never heard of.


    Writer & Director

    Nominated for the longform short film award at Soho Rushes shorts
    Producer Lee Wade and Benjamin Barfoot
    A fusion between live action and animation and using custom developed software (automated rotoscope) to create a dark sci-fi thriller.



    Writer Tom and Harry Williams

    Comedy about a group of everyday heroes

    Two Brothers Pictures for Channel 4