Benjamin Zand

Award winning Broadcaster and Documentary Maker

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Benjamin 'Ben' Zand is an award-winning British-Iranian journalist and filmmaker for the BBC from Liverpool, England. He makes and reports on current affairs and travel documentaries for the BBC. He is the head of the BBC's first mobile documentary bureau, BBC Pop Up and presents documentaries on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three. He also works on BBC Panorama, the world's longest-running investigative documentary programme, as its youngest reporter, and has in the past created documentaries for Channel 4's Unreported World. In 2016 he was named the RTS young talent of the year, and in 2017 he was shortlisted for the One World media’s “new-voice” awards, as well as being a judge on OWM panels. His earlier documentaries have been viewed millions of times online, many being presented, produced and edited entirely by himself. Now, he works with larger teams creating controversial and provocative documentaries across the BBC.

In the last year he’s gone from filming his own documentaries on a day-time TV show on BBC Two, to producing, presenting, editing and directing his own BBC series in countries around the world, to becoming a reporter on Unreported World on Channel Four, to presenting his own BBC Three series and docs, to creating documentaries for BBC Our World, to becoming a full-time reporter on Panorama and now to becoming editor of an international current-affairs bureau at the BBC, BBC Pop Up. He travelled to over 21 countries last year alone, making documentaries in nearly all of them, all whilst making 9 films for BBC Travel Show, introducing parts of the world to people they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

He regularly gives talks about journalism and filmmaking - at universities, SXSW and this year, he’s travelling to Cannes Lions media festival with Reggie Yates to give talks on storytelling.


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