Bill Milner

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Screen International Star of tomorrow 2013 

the ace up its sleeve is the splendidly gangly and sweetly melancholy presence of 22-year-old Bill Milner – all spring-like fragility to his co-star’s wintry strength.

Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph on Harold & Maude

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Milner and Hancock achieve a gentle, tender rapport... he is wonderfully open and responsive, quite convincing both in his despair and his liberation.

Sarah Crompton
Whats On Stage on Harold & Maude

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Kate has a teenage daughter from another relationship and Alex, whose three children are by three different men, is panicking unhelpfully as 15 year-old Liam (a pitch-perfect performance by Bill Milner, who was in the recent Another Country revival) is caught up in the Tottenham riots, kicking off big-time over this weekend.

Michael Coveney on The Distance

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