Brian Vernel

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The show comes close to being stolen by Brian Vernel,  with his shaved skull and bruise-dark eyes, he resembles a caged snake, waiting to rear and strike.

Andrew Dickson
The Guardian on Barbarians

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Brian was nominated for Best Actor at The Stage Awards 2012 for The Static and won the Citizens Theatre Award for Best Actor in Takin' Over the Asylum.


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If this is what Vernel is capable of as a second year, the world should watch out, there's a storm coming your way.

Neil Cooper
The Herald on Macbeth

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**** Four Stars

Mark Brown
The Telegraph on Takin' Over the Asylum

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Ceri Radford
The Telegraph on The Casual Vacancy

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Brian Vernel is first-rate 

Kate Kellaway
The Guardian on Future Conditional

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