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Hollow Chest

book | Fiction | Aug 2021
US & Canada → Walden Pond Press (Ed. Jordan Brown)

Nine-year-old Charlie was warned that the war might change his older brother Theo. Grandpa Fitz reminded him all the time; hadn’t he himself come back from the Great War minus an arm? Still, Charlie never suspected that Theo would return from WWII without his heart.

Grandpa Fitz calls it Hollow Chest, but Charlie thinks it’s the war wolves, great beasts only he seems to see, leaving prints in the snow and scratches on their door. Wolves are roaming the city, and they are coming for Charlie’s heart next.

Determined not to lose anything more than he already has, Charlie and his faithful cat Biscuits traverse a Blitz-ravaged London to the wolves’ lair, seeking answers to save his brother and himself.


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