Bryn Williams

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Cegin Bryn

Producer Fiona Phillips Starring
    Production Company Fflic
    Broadcaster S4C
    Chef Bryn Williams returns to his roots and cooks from the heart using local Welsh produce in his latest series for S4C, Cegin Bryn (Bryn’s Kitchen in Welsh)

    The series, which was inspired by Bryn’s first book, Bryn's Kitchen, reflects the Welsh influences on his cooking, with a heavy emphasis is on the importance of good quality produce. As Bryn says, ‘We chefs always get the credit but we wouldn't be able to make such good meals if it wasn't for the farmers, fishermen, and so on.’ Bryn has chosen six seasonal ingredients to demonstrate this concept, with three different recipes each week, and each programme showing how the ingredient is key to the quality of the eventual meal.
    Cegin Bryn
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