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book | 2022
UK & Comm → HarperCollins (Ed. Natasha Bardon)

'Magic is the first sin, we must bear it silently' - Rule Number One, The Book of the Binders. 

Anna is a witch who is not allowed to cast spells. Living in modern-day London with her controlling Aunt, she has one year left until she must become a Binder, her magic bound forever. That is, until Effie and Attis join her school. Luring Anna into a coven they unleash magical chaos throughout the corridors and plunge her into London’s fantastical underbelly. But when Anna’s magic begins to reveal the symbol of a curse she is forced to unravel the secrets of her past and the truth about her parents’ violent death. Torn between her Aunt and magic, Effie and Attis, lies and the truth, Anna soon finds herself and her heart utterly tangled, yet time is running out.

The first of four books in the series,
Threadneedle is addictively fun and yet compellingly dark.

Tentative date for delivery of edited manuscript: June 2020


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