Chris is a writer and director for film and TV




Producer Neil Zeiger and Sharon Bloom
Director Nicholas Renton

Original drama focusing on the relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.

In development

Writer & Creator 

Epic TV drama exploring the origin of Robin Hood. 

Demarest Films
In development
Creator Jon Rowe

Medieval drama set in 15th Century Romania

In development

Creator & Writer 

Revolves around a decade long conflict between a local Manchester detective and an Irish crime family in the lead up to the UK riots of 1981.
In development

Creator & Additional Writer 

Original, serial killer thriller set in London

Kindle Entertainment
In development



Producer James Harris, Mark Lane
Director Ben C Lucas
Tea Shop & Film Company, Riverstone Pictures
In development
Producer Jason Newmark
Director Ron Scarpello
A hostage stand-off goes from bad to worse when the gang discover the bank they’re trapped in is wired with a bomb…
Newscope Films
In development
Producer Vikki Scott
Director Richard Jackson
  • Chris Jamba
  • Michael Armstrong.
  • Two men enter a petrol station. Seconds later a masked man appears and holds them at gun point. What unfolds will change their lives and those close to them forever…
    Fahrenheit Films.
    Producer Nigel Mattison, Gabriel Pac
    Director Gabriel Pac
  • Gemma Cooper
  • Nigel Mattison
  • Ashley Charles
  • War veteran Tommy O'Brien returns home after 3 years in self-imposed exile, determined to redeem himself to those he left behind.
    Buffalo Rhode Films

    Writer & Director 

    Producer Bennett McGhee
    When his young son is given days to live, Jonjo Fagan, a man with a dark past, must return home to Cork to retrieve his criminal brother, the only person who can help save him.
    In development
    Producer Nigel Mattison, Tom Beckwith Phillips
    After her son disappears in an overcrowded world where permits are needed to procreate, a mother takes a suspected human trafficker hostage in a drastic bid to find her missing child...
    Buffalo Rhode Films, Melies Productions.
    In development