Director for Film and Television

Christian Schwochow is a director for film, television and theatre. Before becoming a director, Christian worked as a reporter for German and French television. Since he graduated from the renowned Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in 2008, he has completed four features, three mini-series and two TV movies. He recently directed new international show Bad Banks about a young female investment banker. He is currently directing 2 episodes of hit Netflix series The Crown.

Christians latest feature Paula premiered on Piazza Grande in Locarno and was very successful at the German box-office.

Christian's work has won numerous awards including the German Film Award, the German Emmy, the German Television Awards, and the German Grimme Award.

He has also been awarded at international Festivals such as Montreal International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary and recently at Series Mania in Paris




Creator Peter Morgan
  • Olivia Colman
  • Tobias Menzies
  • Golden Globe and Emmy winning drama series.

    Left Bank for Netflix
    Bad Banks
    6 x 52'
    Creator Oliver Kienle
  • Paula Beer
  • TV drama miniseries.

    Iris productions for Letterbox Films, Federation Entertainment
    German History X
    Best Series of Panorama at Series Mania Paris, Best Director at German Emmys, German Grimmie Award, Bavarian Television Award, Best TV Series at German Television Award and Spanish Television Award
    Producer Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann
    Writer Thomas Wendrich

    TV miniseries about Germany's right wing terror movement. 

    Wiedemann & Berg for Beta Film
    Writer Thomas Kirchner and Uwe Tellkamp

    TV movie based on the German novel.

    UFA Fiction and Beta Film
    Writer Annette Simon

    TV Movie based on the original book by Ken Follett.

    Constantin Film and Global Screen
    Open The Wall
    Won Outstanding TV Event of the year at Bambi Awards
    Writer Heide Schwochow and Rainer Schwochow

    TV movie based on the book by Gerhard Haase-Hindenberg.

    UFA Fiction and Beta Film



    Writer Stefan Kolditz and Stephan Suschke
  • Carla Juri
  • Feature film about Germany's most fabulous female painter.

    The Match Factory, Pandora Film and Alcatraz Films
    Fipresci Award at Montreal Int Film Festival, Audience Award at Berlin & Beyond Film Festival in San Francisco
    Producer Thomas Kufus, Barbara Buhl
    Writer Heide Schwochow
  • Jördis Triebel
  • Feature film based on the novel by Julia Franck.

    Pandora Film, Zeroone Film, Picture Tree International, and Wildbunch

    Writer & Director 

    Cracks In The Shell
    Won Best Actress and Ecumenical Jury Award at Karlovy Vary Int Film Festival and Best Feature at Bozen Film Festival
    Producer Jochen Laube and Fabian Maubach
  • Stine Fischer Christensen
  • Feature film co written with Heide Schwochow.

    UFA Fiction and Falcolm Media
    Producer Matthias Adler and Jochen Laube
  • Anna Maria Mühe
  • Feature film co-written with Heide Schwochow.

    Sommerhaus Films and Schwarzeiß Film