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The Trespassers #2 The Snow Queen

Shortlisted for the GPI (Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire)
book | Fiction | Sep 2014
World English → Gulf Stream Editeur (Ed. Paola Grieco)

"A skeletal hand emerges from the Messenger's sleeve and greedily takes hold of the pearl. 

- You do know the consequences of this act, she says. This mean you renounce the gift of Immortality.

- I have just condemned the whole of Faery, whispers Snezhkaïa. From now on, they will face the same laws as mankind: you have the right to take their bodies and seize their souls.

- And what of their magic? You know I cannot absorb it.

- Then make it disappear!"

The Trespassers have just captured the last free fairy Snezhkaïa, the Snow Queen. Little do they know that they have just triggered a curse that threatens their very existence. Peter, who is finding it more and more difficult to yield to Noble's will, is trying to find the Hunter in order to put an end to this centennial fight. 

Second volume in a bewitching trilogy.


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