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The Worm and the Bird

book | Fiction | 2017
World → Penguin

A new, beautifully illustrated picture book from the bestselling author of The Fox and the Star, winner of Waterstones Book of the Year 2015.

Deep below the earth, Worm dreams of having more space. There's not much room down there.

Above, Bird waits, through sun and rain and wind.

As the day goes on, will they both find what they are looking for?

From the author of The Fox and the Star, this is a book about searching and hoping, and how the smallest moment can be beautiful.


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Mixing and matching whimsy with philosophy and bold illustrations with delicate detail, this is a beautiful piece of work that will enchant your small relatives. Alternatively, bypass them entirely and treat yourself to a life-affirming book that'll also look blinking marvellous on your coffee table.

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