Dan Clark

Director, Writer and Presenter for film and television

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Dan Clark began his career as an actor and stand-up comedian earning critical acclaim for his various full length shows at the Edinburgh Festival and UK tours. In 2008 he wrote, directed and starred in the BBC sitcom How Not To Live Your Life. The show ran for three seasons and an hour-long Christmas Special. After a modest beginning the comedy became a cult hit. By the third season it was getting 1.3 million in consolidated viewers per week.

In recent years Dan has focused on directing, with his recent pilots all getting picked up for full series. As well as his own show these include Stath Lets Flats (E4) written by and starring Jamie Demetriou, and the Julia Davis Channel 4 comedy Morning Has Broken which he also co-created. Dan is now working both as a director-for-hire as well as developing his own scripts for him to direct. He recently completed his first short film The Kidnapping of Richard Franco starring Daniel Rigby, Patrick Baladi and Kelly Wenham.

Dan currently has a TV project in development at 20th Century Fox in America and is writing a sitcom pilot for Channel 4 here in the UK. Dan’s passion for film and television has manifested itself into a popular podcast Screen Talk with Dan Clark: a show where he interviews people from all walks of the industry. It is regularly in the iTunes Top 5 ‘Film & TV’ podcast charts. Off the
back of this Dan is developing more factual entertainment passion projects.



Writer & Director

Producer Nancy Bressolles
  • Daniel Rigby
  • Kelly Wenham
  • Patrick Baladi

    Short Film

    The London Film Studios

    Comedy Pop Video


    UK Feature Film

    TeaShop Films
    In development



    US Feature Film

    Red Hour

    US Feature Film

    In development



    Producer Jon Petrie
  • Jamie Demetriou

    Sitcom pilot for Channel 4

    Rough Cut for E4
    Producer Gary Reich
    Writer Julia Davis & Nick Mohammed
  • Julia Davis
  • Nick Mohammed

    Sitcom Pilot for Channel 4

    Brown Eyed Boy for Channel 4



    US sitcom

    Kapital Pictures/Merman for Fox

    UK Sitcom for Channel 4

    Fudge Park for Channel 4

    BBC Sitcom Pilot also adapted for ABC in the US

    BBC for BBC1/ABC

    BBC Comedy Drama Pilot

    BBC for BBC2
    Creator Drew Pearce

    Sitcom for BBC


    Writer & Performer

    Director Richard Osborne

    Comedy Sitcom

    Angel Eye Film & TV for Channel 4

    Writer & Director & Producer & Performer & Creator

    Producer Gary Reich

    BBC3 Sitcom

    Brown Eyed Boy for BBC3