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book | 2019
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A secret that can never be revealed . . .

At eighteen, Alexandra Wickham is a stunning beauty who seems destined for a privileged life. But fate, a world war and her own rebellious nature lead her down a different path.

By 1939, Britain is at war. Alex makes her way to London as a nursing volunteer. But her fluency in French and German draws the attention of another, more secret, branch of the service.

Alex is quickly immersed in a new world, but she is forbidden to tell anyone about her work, not even the pilot she falls in love with. While her country and those dearest to her pay the terrible price of war, Alex learns the art of espionage, leading to life-and-death missions and a long career in historic times.

Spy follows Alex’s extraordinary adventures during the war, and afterwards all over the world, when her husband, Richard, enters the Foreign Office. She lives life on the edge, with a secret she must always keep hidden. 


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