Non-fiction writer

David Gentle has been a consultant, an engineer and a marketeer, travelling from Baku (the world’s lowest-lying capital city, at 28m below sea level) to Tokyo (the only capital that is an anagram of the city it superseded*). But the one true constant has been his love of trivia. He is the author of the quiz books On the Tip of My Tongue and The Ministry of Quizzes.

He lives in the UK near Bath (where Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein and William Herschel discovered Uranus) with his much-quizzed wife and two sons. His ambition is to one day write the perfect quiz question, and, with more than 10,000 attempts to date, feels he is nearing (to quote a certain British prime minister) the end of the beginning.

*(It’s Kyoto, if you were wondering).