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The Paris Project

book | Fiction | Oct 2019
US & Canada → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Krista Vitola)

Cleveland Rosebud Potts has a plan. If she can check off the six items on her très important Paris Project List she will make it out of the small-minded and scorching town of Sassafras, Florida, to a rich and cultured life at The American School of Paris.

Unfortunately, everything seems to conspire against Cleveland reaching her goal.

Cleveland is ashamed of her father and angry that her mother and sister are never around because they have to work extra shifts to help out the family. Her Eiffel Tower tin has zero funds. And to top it all off, Cleveland’s best friend Jenna Finch has decided she’s too fancy for her and her neighbor Declan seems to be hiding something.

As Cleveland puts her talents to the test, she must learn how to forgive family for their faults, appreciate friends for exactly who they are, and bloom where she’s planted even if that’s in a tiny town in central Florida that doesn’t even have a French restaurant. C’èst la vie!


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Une histoire d'espoir—a story of hope.

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This authentic, ultimately hopeful story of forgiveness and empathy is a memorable, heartfelt read.

Publishers Weekly
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[An] upbeat story about generosity, forgiveness, and love.

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