Drew Pautz

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Love The Sinner

Director Matthew Dunster
The National Theatre

Michael, a married man running a small business, accompanies a squabbling delegation of bishops to Africa as  a lay volunteer. There, an unsettling encounter with a hotel porter leads to a series of agonising moral dilemmas that compromise his work, his marriage and his faith.

Love the Sinner premiered at the Cottesloe Theatre in May 2010. 

Love The Sinner

We have a strong and serious contender for this year's most promising playwright. **** Michael Coveney
What's On Stage

Pautz writes with thrilling clarity and real argumentative verve. Alex Sierz
The Stage

Pautz rivets attention to every unspoken thought. Mutual suspicion curdles into dangerous threats as the two differently manipulative men battle for control... its passages of truly dramatic writing hightlight Pautz as a talent on the rise David Benedict

He dramatises conflict superbly: the arguments are absorbing, nuanced, then suddenly furious. Sarah Hemming
Financial Times

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