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book | Fiction | Aug 2017
UK → Headline Publishing (Ed. Alex Clarke)
US → Mulholland (Ed. Josh Kendall)

Today, the police are at your door.

They say that the body of your husband's mistress has been found in the River Cam. They think your husband killed her two days ago.

You can't recall what he did that day, because you only remember yesterday.

You rely on your diary to tell you where you've been, who you love and what you've done.

So, can you trust the police?
Can you trust your husband?
Can you trust yourself?


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Yesterday is already a 2017 Literary Event… ends with a magnificent twist.


An intriguing, philosophical page-turner… Yap is a phenomenon.

The Observer

So hotly tipped it should come with scorch marks… Quite literally, mind-bending.


Yap is venturing into new genre territory - dare I call it a neuro-sci-fi thriller? An ambitious and fascinating twist on the throwback detective story, where we can't guess who is the killer and who is the victim...and memory itself is on trial.

Sandra Block, author of LITTLE BLACK LIES

At once a high-concept thriller with a sci-fi premise and an old-school noir, Felicia Yap's Yesterday is a tasty, satisfyingly grounded blend. A rich, rewarding debut that shows the ways that memory can betray us as painfully - and perhaps as inevitably - as those we love.

Andrew Pyper, author of THE DEMONOLOGIST

When it comes to memories, what do we choose to forget? To believe? Felicia Yap looks at these questions in Yesterday, an inventive, engrossing old-school murder mystery wrapped in a futuristic setting with a side of compelling love story and a killer twist at the end. Clever, unconventional, fast-paced, and above all engaging, Yesterday is a book to remember.

Twist Phelan, author of FAKE

Yesterday is an inventive, wicked thriller with an addictive puzzle-box narrative. Every time I thought I had it figured out, Felicia Yap hits me with another twist.

Rob Hart, author of NEW YORKED

Felicia Yap's Yesterday is a story about the vulnerability of memory and how the past always returns to haunt us. An exhilarating revenge thriller, equal parts suspense and philosophical science fiction.

Hannah Lillith Assadi, author of SONORA

Felicia Yap takes a unique premise and rockets through this year's most clever storyline. Spectacular twists, characters as distinct as they are compelling, and a resolution absolutely no one will have seen coming make Yesterday propulsive read. Memory loss has never been so fun.

Michael Cooper, author of CLAWBACK

A great murder mystery with a unique and unsettling twist. This book delighted and confounded me in equal measure!

James Oswald, author of NATURAL CAUSES

Hypnotic and haunting, Yesterday confidently blends suspense, noir, and science fiction to construct a truly original, breathtaking story. Felicia Yap’s debut is a work of genius.

Hilary Davidson, author of BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS

Never has psychological crime fiction been so original, so witty and so inventive. This is an absolute firecracker of a read. I haven’t enjoyed a debut this much in ages.

William Shaw, author of THE BIRDWATCHER

This was an amazing book, very original and despite challenging the reader's suspension of disbelief it drew me in very quickly. Terrific to find a book that can be classed as a crime thriller yet stand out from the crowd.

Alex Gray, author of THE BIRD THAT DID NOT SING

An intriguing, fast-paced thriller that captivated me right from the start.

Kate Rhodes, author of CROSSBONES YARD

The intrigue of Gone Girl and the drama of Before I Go to Sleep


With the tone of many Gone Girl-esque thrillers, surplus red herrings and a blockbuster worthy twist, Yesterday is the perfect holiday read... In a year where there has been no shortage of hotly anticipated psychological thrillers Yesterday stands out from the crowd... an intriguing page-turner


The One That Everyone Is Talking About ... Enthralling high-concept psychological thriller... A clever revenge tale with a twist.

Woman & Home

Felicia Yap's Yesterday is a massively clever thriller that investigates our notions of memory and identity with a clear, unflinching eye

Richard Skinner, author of THE RED DANCER

The most original thriller you'll read this year! A page turner you'll never forget. 

J.S. Law, author of TENACITY

A high concept debut with a foot in science fiction and another firmly in the thriller genre, this is a debut to seriously look out for. Multi-faceted, clever and with a series of challenging twists, this is a fast, rewarding and entertaining read that challenges and dares to try and do something new in the thriller stakes

Crime Time

A genuine page turner


A smoking hot new talent 

The Times and Sunday Times Crime Club Newsletter

Yap is a phenomenon

The Guardian

Original and gripping

The Times

This book will fill that Girl on the Train hole in your life

Marie Claire

A highly intriguing thriller


Felicia Yap's mind-bending debut


Yap's story is full of unexpected twists and turns, along with the requisite sprinkles of revenge, lust and love

Evening Standard

A clever, complex tale which makes you think about memory in a new way

Irish Examiner

Yesterday is an original, inventive, gripping novel

Adam Hamdy, Author of Pendulum

An ambitious and intelligent thriller


I was so gripped! Five stars

The Unmumsy Mum

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