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Love Hunt

book | Fiction | 2009
World → Hodder and Stoughton

The announcement of a grand Treasure Hunt sets the Lodes Valley ladies’ hearts aflutter. The cash is only part of the appeal: a win could solve several romantic problems. Pixie Guinness sees the quest as a route back to her wayward husband; teenage day-dreamer Faith hopes to snare true love, Rory; and new arrival Liv – well, Liv just wants distraction from the boredom of country life.

But the unhappily married Trudy finds that the trail of clues leads her in quite a different direction, and one closer and closer to temptation. Is she chasing a rainbow or just chasing her own tail? As the hunt reaches its climax, the competitors find they are fighting for the highest prize of all – their own happy ending.


Katie McGowan manages the translation rights for Love Hunt

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The audio rights are handled by Alice Lutyens.


Love Hunt

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Warm, funny and sexy. Wendy Holden
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