“Gaia Mondadori dominated the stage whenever she was on as Lady Macbeth – she oozed cunning power and maniacal menace” 

The Cambridge Critique
on Macbeth

“Special mention, however, must go to Gaia Mondadori, whose stunning portrayal of Lady Macbeth left the audience both amazed and terrified. It is safe to say that Mondadori gave Vivien Leigh (who played Lady Macbeth in Laurence Olivier’s 1955 production) a run for her money, and performed her monologues like a literal Queen.” and “Also, when Gaia Mondadori isinevitably nominated for an Oscar in the future, you will want to be able to brag about seeing her at the ADC. “-

The Tab Cambridge
on Macbeth

“Gaia Mondadori performed a phenomenal Lady Macbeth, grasping the audience from her first entrance. Her intensity and visceral emotion, conveyed best in her anger towards her husband, was thrilling, and meticulous signs of neurosis throughout prepared for a convincing descent into madness. Mondadori’s ‘Out, Damned Spot’monologue was as gripping as it was heart-breaking, seeming straight from the deranged mind.” 

on Macbeth