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The Braindead Megaphone

book | Non-Fiction | 2007
US & Canada → Riverhead Books
UK & Comm → Bloomsbury Publishing
In this, his first collection of essays, Saunders trains his eye on the real world rather than the fictional and reveals it to be brimming with wonderful, marvellous strangeness.

As he faces a political and cultural reality saturated with lazy media, false promises and political doublespeak, Saunders invokes the wisdom of American literary heroes Twain, Vonnegut and Barthelme and inspires us to re-examine our assumptions about the world we live in, as we struggle to discover what is really there.

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Saunders's bitingly clever and compassionate essays are a Mark Twain-syle shot in the arm for Americans, an antidote to the dumbing down virus plaguing our country

Vanity Fair

With a keen sense of the absurd, incandescent creativity, and abiding empathy, Saunders catapults the essay into new and thrilling directions


Deceptively light... deadpan funny... Saunders, as an American social and literary critic, may be shaping up as the Orwell of the millennium

The Times

Not since Twain has America produced a satirist this funny

Zadie Smith

Again and again, Saunders demonstrates that wacky, subversive, formally strange writing is not only contrary to our nation's capitalist spirit, it's the most natural and effective of responses to it. He makes the all-but-impossible look effortless. We're lucky to have him

Jonathan Franzen

Saunders is a warm and funny guide through familiar and foreign landscapes... His job is to observe and be funny... in a tone often reminiscent of Bill Bryson


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