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book | Fiction | Jun 2021
UK & Comm → Head of Zeus (Ed. Rosie de Courcy)

A modern comic novel about life, love and renaissance for rebellious women of a certain age.

In an era when women are looking back wryly at the male gaze and forward to longer, stronger lives, fifty’s a half-way point not a vanishing point.

Meet Eliza. Fierce, questioning, sexy and ageing less gracefully than her mother has. She wants to live life to the full and she’s just starting to work out how.

In PAUSE we follow Eliza through an adventure that makes her re-evaluate her marriage and family. It’s a positive, life-affirming journey many women will recognise.

Our heroine might be sweating a lot, she might need a wee every hour and wake up at five in the morning obsessed with her own mortality, but she has something to prove. If you can’t stop the world and get off, you can try to put it to rights … and enjoy the ride.


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