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Forever Young

book | Non-Fiction | Sep 2021
UK & Comm → Orion Publishing Group (Ed. Alan Samson)
US & Canada → Grand Central Publishing (Ed. Gretchen Young)

What happens when a girl tries to grow up in a world where everyone wants her to remain a child?

Hayley Mills' teenage decade in Hollywood produced some of the era's greatest coming-of-age family movies, classics like Pollyanna, The Parent Trap and In Search of the Castaways, and in Britain the acclaimed Whistle Down the Wind. These films made Hayley a genuine teen idol and a household name. Now and for the first time, Hayley reveals the truth of her own coming-of-age story, in her own words - a story of incredible twists of fate and fortune, but also mismanagement, bankruptcy, family crisis and dislocation.

Told with characteristic warmth, honesty and humour, Hayley takes us back in time to a bygone era, charting a journey from her carefree childhood innocence in post-war Britain, growing up in the shadow of her famous theatrical family, to being propelled into the Technicolor boomtown of 1960s Hollywood, where she is mentored to stardom by Walt Disney himself.


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Golden Globe Award-winning actor Mills debuts with a mesmerizing look at her “golden years” as a child star in the 1960s... With a novelistic eye for detail and a disarming sense of humor, Mills illuminates her extraordinary past while evoking the lost empire of mid-20th-century Hollywood... The result is a luminous work commensurate with the unforgettable movies that made Mills an icon.

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