Jack Rooke

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Happy Hour

Producer David Luff/Soho Theatre
Cowgate, Underbelly, Edinburgh

Jack Rooke: Happy Hour isn’t so much a one man show as it is docucomedy theatre; Rooke shows that there’s plenty to laugh about in this serious subject and, just when it gets too emotional, there’s always some fabulous dancing..

Frodo Allan
Broadway Baby

Rooke lacks the affectation often obvious in other comedians ... a breath of fresh air. It seems inevitable that his current success in comedy will continue to grow. Jack Rooke: Happy Hour is glorious and necessary ... a glittering, heartfelt gem

Rosie Hilton
A Younger Theatre

Edinburgh Festival shows examine mental health - with silliness and sticky tape

A highly entertaining, yet delicate and perceptive piece

Lyn Gardener
The Guardian

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