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Dinner with the Dissidents

book | Fiction | Jun 2018
ANZ → Affirm Press (Ed. Martin Hughes)

In 1970, at the height of the Cold War, three of Russia's foremost dissidents - Solzhenitsyn, Rostropovich and Sakharov - are bunkering down for the winter near Moscow. Meanwhile, struggling young writer Leonid Krasnov has finally received a contract for his novel. But on one condition: that he spies on Solzhenitsyn. He soon realises that he is trapped in a game more sinister than he could have ever imagined.


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‘A smartly turned historical spy mystery that recreates an atmosphere of paranoia, repression and resistance. [Tesarsch] is an elegant writer with a gift for metaphor.’ 

The Age

‘A multilayered and gripping novel. Tesarsch sheds light on one of Russia’s bravest and most brilliant of writers as well as on Australia’s uneasy present. I couldn’t put this book down.’

Lee Kofman

‘A fierce work, worthy of the great Russians who fill its pages.’

Jock Serong

‘A lively, charming and confident evocation of communist Russia and Australia, and a portrait of a particular writing life, meticulously composed and masterfully told.'

Alice Robinson

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