Jonathan Harvey

Novelist, playwright and writer for television
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Jonathan Harvey wrote his first play in 1987, and has since written over 15 more, including Babies, Boom Bang-A-Bang and Beautiful Thing, which was later made into an acclaimed film. He has been the recipient of the Evening Standard, George Devine and John Whiting Awards, and his work has been both Bafta- and Olivier-nominated. He has been hailed as ‘the new theatrical voice of his generation’.

Jonathan is also a writer for Coronation Street, on which he has worked since 2004, and his extensive television writing includes his television series, Beautiful People and Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. His first novel was published in 2012.

Jonathan lives in Liverpool, the city where he was born. He originally trained and worked as a teacher, and now runs his own production company.






  • @Damian_Barr She once won an international adult film award for doing something not a lot of people can do

    @Damian_Barr Monsieur Bertillon worked at Orlando Airport and had a shit moped. Daughter was a porn star (made last bit up)

    @Damian_Barr She saw Madame Bertillon from my school French textbook. Her pixie boots used to freak me out

I knew Jonathan Harvey could make me laugh. I didn't expect him to make me cry too.

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