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Step Back

book | Non-Fiction | 2020
World English → Harvard Business Review Press (Ed. Kevin Evers)

Most of us have an intuitive sense of what counts as a reflection. It seems to involve pulling back from regular activities, slowing down, and thinking about something important, usually from a broader or more personal perspective. Reflection also seems to be an open-ended, meandering way of thinking about a problem or situation. It involves circling a problem, like a plane waiting for a landing slot, rather than attacking the problem directly. But these descriptions are pretty loose. Can we say something more specific and definite about reflection?

Badaracco strongly believes that the answer to that question is ‘yes’, a conclusion he draws from the long history of serious thought about reflection, which stretches back for centuries. It shows that, for many leaders and thinkers, particularly in the major world religions, reflection has always been a serious concern. In Step Back, he will show what individuals – some ancient, some contemporary, and some in between – had to say to their busy, active counterparts today about what really counts as a reflection. 


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