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book | Non-Fiction | Apr 2021
UK & Comm → Headline Publishing (Ed. Richard Roper)

From award-winning comedian and writer Katy Wix comes Delicacy - a different kind of memoir from an astonishing new voice.

Eleven snapshots of a life - some staccato, raw and shocking, some expansive, meditative, and profound, underpinned with moments of startling humour that shatter the darkness - all beginning with a single memory. A memory of cake.

The sickly royal icing marked the moment Katy found her voice. The madeira cake was the sun her group therapy sessions orbited. The 'missing cake' from a lost holiday has never let go. The Bara brith eaten in hospital after a life-altering car crash was as tough as the metal that hit her. The supermarket rock cake was where she 'practised wanting'.

Shocking, raw, darkly funny and deeply humane, Katy Wix's exploration of trauma, grief, addiction, love, loss, memory and hope is truly unforgettable.


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Painfully raw and incredibly funny.

Simon Amstell

A layer cake of truth, pain and wisdom iced with charm. I loved it.

Sue Perkins

Heartbreaking, ridiculously clever and laugh out loud funny. One of the best books on trauma I've ever read.

Scarlett Curtis

Fabulous story-telling and completely delicious writing.

Cariad Lloyd, host of Griefcast

Katy sees the world like no one else and deciphers it with extraordinary beauty. Delicacy took my breath away.

Lolly Adefope

Katy is a stunning writer, seamlessly moving between bitingly funny moments and moments that make you violently, cathartically sob at 2am. An absolute belter of a book that stays with you.

Roisin Conaty

Brilliantly original, funny and insightful. Dry and comic, but also very moving. I absolutely loved Delicacy.

Katy Brand

A stunning book in which darkness and light, tragedy and humour, pain and hope are all masterfully, affectingly balanced.

Liam Williams

Gentle, heartbreaking, laugh out loud funny and poetically told - an intimate memoir that stays with you.

Rose Matafeo

Deeply comforting in how relatable it is, hilarious, and moving. I felt like this book was my best friend as soon as I started reading it.

Mae Martin

Brimming with graceful, charming writing - this book perfectly encapsulates so many moments we face as girls and women and I only wish I'd read it sooner.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean

Honest, raw, profound, deeply moving and funny.

Bridget Christie

A deeply dark slice of comedic mastery.

Sarah Solemani

I loved this wry melancholy memoir and identified so much. Full of breathtaking intimacy and honesty, ultimately a comfort, this spoonful of wise and funny sugar helps the medicine of maturity go down.

Alice Lowe

An exquisite and important book. Delicacy is funny and sad and beautiful.

Maeve Higgins

Katy has one of the most singular and enviable minds working today (and tomorrow).

Jamie Demetriou, creator of Stath Lets Flats

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