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Front Desk #2: Three Keys

book | Fiction | Sep 2020
World English → Scholastic Publications (Ed. Nick Thomas)

The Second book in the Front Desk series

Mia Tang thinks she’s going to have the best year ever. 

She and her parents are the proud owners of the Calivista Motel, Mia gets to run the front desk with her best friend, Lupe, and she’s finally getting somewhere with her writing! But as it turns out, sixth grade is no picnic…

1. Mia’s new teacher doesn’t think her writing is all that great. 
2. The motel is struggling, and Mia has to answer to the Calivista’s many, many worried investors.
3. A new immigration law is looming and if it passes, it will threaten everything—and everyone—in Mia’s life.

It’s a roller coaster of challenges, and Mia needs all of her determination to hang on tight. But if anyone can find the key to getting through turbulent times, it’s Mia Tang!


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A more-than-worthy sequel, full of hope and heart, even in the darkest of times.


Mia is the compassionate, action-driven heroine today's readers deserve.

Publishers Weekly

The storyline expertly weaves together the progress and setbacks Mia experiences... Don’t miss this brave hero as she confronts anti-immigrant hatred in a timely historical novel

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