Lucinda Raikes

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The Hypochondriac

Role Angelique
Director Gemma Bodinetz
ETT/Liverpool Everyman

The Hypochondriac is Roger McGough’s adaptation of Moliere’s French farce. It follows Argan, a wealthy and perfectly healthy gentleman, whose paranoid obsession that he’s dying makes him blind to the goings on in his own household.

Lucinda plays Angelique, Mr Argan’s daughter, in the production.

The Hypochondriac

Lucinda Raikes charms as Cléante, conveying a doe-eyed longing for her beau.
Lynne Walker
The Independent

Gemma Bodinetz's production spins along, with Lucinda Raikes as the ingenue, all saucer eyes and button mouth Susannah Clapp
The Observer

Love sick suitors Cleante (Jake Harders) and Angelique (Lucinda Raikes) strike just the right balance between nauseating and ridiculous Laura Davis
Liverpool Daily Post

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