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I'm Starved For You (Positron Episode 1)

book | Fiction | 2012
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In the first installment of Byliner's new serial Positron, Margaret Atwood, one of the most prophetic authors of our time, delivers a fictional tale of sexual obsession that is equal parts Tom Jones and Brave New World. A hilarious yet harrowing story that lays bare the very real dangers of trading liberty for safety, I'm Starved for You evokes the irrepressibility of human appetite and asks just how far a man and a woman are willing to go to get what they’re truly hungry for.

I'm Starved for You is the first of four stories in the Positron series for Byliner which will ultimately become a full length novel.

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I'm Starved For You (Positron Episode 1)
I'm Starved For You (Positron Episode 1)

What makes this story so impressive is Atwood’s management of detail. She sets up a completely plausible universe, as seamless as a stocking, and shockingly believable. Aritha Van Herk
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