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The Lost Diary of Venice

book | Fiction | May 2020
US → Ballantine Books (Ed. Shauna Summers)
UK & Comm → Trapeze (Ed. Katie Brown)

The tale of two impossible love stories connected by one artistic legacy.

When a rare sixteenth-century treatise on art lands on her desk courtesy of William, a struggling painter, shy book restorer Rose makes a startling discovery: the manuscript is a palimpsest. Beneath the treatise is a different document, one that’s been scraped away and written over. Based on the remaining fragments, Rose is able to identify the undertext as the diary of Giovanni Lomazzo, a Venetian painter who has just been commissioned by Venice’s most powerful admiral to paint a portrait of his favourite courtesan.

A richly detailed page-turner that will hold your attention from the very beginning, this is a novel as concerned with the grim brutality of the sixteenth century, be it a courtesan in attendance at glittering masquerade balls, yet living in terror of advancing age, a governor preparing for bloody surrender, or a painter steadily losing his sight, as with the suspicious magic of alchemy, the science of the stars, and forbidden love.


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