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The Nature of Alexander

book | Non-Fiction | 1975
US → Pantheon Books Inc

Acclaimed writer Mary Renault is widely known for her provocative historical novels of Alexander the Great and his lovers. But she also authored this nonfiction classic, a fresh, illuminating look at a man whose legend has remained larger than life for more than two thousand years.

From his dysfunctional family dynamics to his molding under Aristotle, from his shocking rise to power at age twenty to the staggering violence of his military campaigns, Renault is clear-eyed about Alexander’s accomplishments and his flaws. Infectious in its enthusiasm, this is a penetrating study of an unrivaled conqueror, enduring icon, and fascinating man.


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Mary Renault is a magician... This is more than a biography, it is a psychological rendering of a man.

The Chicago Daily News

A splendid achievement in nonfiction... altogether a grand performance.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The many Mary Renault fans should find this as absorbing and worthwhile as her novels.

The Houston Post

The perfect companion to he Alexander novels.

The Wall Street Journal

Intriguing and valuable.

The New York Times

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