Matt Lipsey

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Upstart Crow

Creator Ben Elton Starring
  • David Mitchell
  • Liza Tarbuck
  • Harry Stott
  • Mark Heap
    Production Company BBC Comedy
    Broadcaster BBC2

    To coincide with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, Ben Elton created Upstart Crow: an irreverent comedy about the life of the famous bard.

    David Mitchell stars as the every-man Shakespeare, suffering the daily trials of maintaining a work-life balance; appeasing one's wife; handling a teenage daughter; and living with elderly parents. 

    Upstart Crow directed by Matt Lipsey

    Upstart Crow review: Ben Elton finds the comedy in Shakespeare’s history

    Even if your knowledge of Elizabethan domesticity is scant, Elton’s new family sitcom is a return to jokes and I welcome that with ye knobs on.

    Julia Raeside
    The Guardian

    James Delingpole is loving Ben Elton's new Shakespeare sitcom

    Up there with Elton’s very best stuff — cleverly milking every last cliché about the life, works and myth of William Shakespeare to create gags which, though often broad and obvious, flatter your intelligence even as they give you glorious, cheap belly laughs. And maybe the odd knowing chuckle.

    James Delingpole
    The Spectator

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