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Keep You Safe

US Harlequin Books (Ed. Margaret O’Neill Marbury)
UK HarperCollins (Ed. Anna Baggley)
Aug 2017

Good mother or bad … who decides?

Widowed nurse Kate and mummy blogger Madeleine couldn’t be more different in their approaches to parenting.

Kate knows her husband’s death has made her more protective of her five year old daughter, but she’s not going to apologise for it.

Madeleine feels there’s no such thing as a perfect mother and while her controversial parenting style raises eyebrows - particularly her decision not to vaccinate her kids - she knows everyone’s just doing their best.

But one morning, Madeleine makes a fateful decision that upends her own family, and has devastating consequences on Kate’s. 

And as friends, neighbours and complete strangers line up to vilify her and support Kate, Madeleine is forced to defend every parental choice she’s ever made…

Why is she accused of being a terrible mother when all she did was try to keep her children safe?


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