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The Guest List

book | Fiction | 2013
UK & Canada → Hodder
When Cara Clancy’s boyfriend proposes, she is over the moon. She can’t wait to marry Shane. He’s her soulmate and confidante, and they have a wonderful relationship.

Their respective families are thrilled about the wedding. Cara’s mother can’t wait for a big white church wedding, and Shane’s well-off parents want to pay for everything,

But all too soon the couple are swamped by opinions on their wedding plans, and they begin to wonder if all the fuss is worth it.

Instead, they hatch a plan for a beach wedding. A simple barefoot ceremony on in St Lucia and a small guest list consisting of family and friends. What’s not to like?

But those on the guest list have other ideas. Cara’s parents have never been abroad. Mick hates the heat and Betty is picky about food. Will there be dangerous insects, and what if they catch some tropical disease? Why would Cara want to subject them to foreign travel when they have a perfectly nice climate at home?

Shane’s mother Lauren intends this to be the society wedding of the year and plans to ensure that her golf buddies and fellow ‘ladies who lunch’ will be green with envy at her son’s classy nuptials. If Cara and Shane expect her to travel to a strange country on the other side of the world they can think again.

And what about Cara’s younger sister Heidi who is expecting her first baby and isn’t happy about sharing the limelight?

Will the lovebirds make it the Caribbean? Will there even be a wedding what with all the strife the guests on the list are causing?

And if Cara and Shane do make it to St Lucia, what other problems await the guest list in ‘paradise’?

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The Guest List
The Guest List
The Guest List
The Guest List