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The New Class War

book | Non-Fiction | Jan 2020
US → Portfolio Content (Ed. Bria Sandford)
UK → Atlantic Books (Ed. Mike Harpley)

Michael Lind argues that Trump, Brexit, and the shocking trans-Atlantic success of populist politicians are all part of the same phenomenon – the new class war.

While conventional accounts of present-day politics focus on embattled elites and treat “globalization” as a force beyond human control, Lind opines that globalization is a strategy used by today’s ruthless managerial oligarchy to defeat the working class. In doing so, they’ve sowed the seeds for our current political moment, a “revolt from below” as the working class is increasingly disempowered, disenfranchised, and despised.

The answer? A new class compromise, which restores to the working-class majorities in America and Europe something like the economic leverage, political power, and cultural prestige they enjoyed between World War II and the end of the Cold War.


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