Michael Longhurst

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The History Boys

Writer Alan Bennett Starring
  • Ross Anderson
  • Oliver Coopersmith
  • Will Featherstone
  • Edward Judge
    Crucible, Sheffield

    A levels may be over, but for one set of unruly pupils, their education is far from finished. 

    Back in lessons to train for entrance exams, the boys find themselves caught between two opposing styles of teaching. Eccentric Hector (Matthew Kelly) leads with a flamboyance that brings everything to life, while cynical Irwin’s (Edwin Thomas) been brought in by the Head to provide a ruthless route to Oxbridge. But with love, sex and university on their minds, the question is, will any of them make the grade?

    The History Boys

    a theatrical thrill. Playful, painful and wise, its three hours race by Dominic Maxwell
    The Times
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    Michael Longhurst’s energetic production features bursts of music and choreography... it becomes increasingly effective, helping to root the play more firmly in the recent past.. while also underlining just how much Bennett’s central argument, about the beauty of learning for the sake of learning, continues still. Natasha Tripney
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